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Church Bells

We are pleased to advise that the Church clock will once again start striking the hour in early December. Although only 40+ years old the existing strike mechanism had become unreliable and with replacement parts no longer available we had to investigate an alternate solution. The existing clock drive while still working and keeping good time was beginning to show signs of age and it was thought prudent to replace the whole system with a modern controller which would allow Bell silencing at night and automatic GMT Summer/Winter time adjustment. We have contacted to the property owner nearest to the Church to ask for comments on when to silence the bell at night and what time it should re start in the morning. Our idea was to chime 10pm and re start at 6am. Some thought this a good idea, some were happy for it to ring all night and one would prefer a later re start. If any one has views on this please let the Church Warden know.

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