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Parish councils receive payments as a result of CIL levy paid to SMBC by developers.  Parish councils with a neighbourhood development plans receive 25% of the total funding; those without 15%.  Payments are made by SMBC in tranches.  Currently, Barston has two developments that will generate CIL payments - Cinnamon/Wyevale and Barston Garage site.  The total amount anticipated this year will be circa £20,000.  A first tranche of £2,500 has now been received.  If you wish to apply for CIL funding, please complete the application form.

As a general guide, the list set out below identifies the types of infrastructure and/or specific infrastructure projects to which CIL receipts raised by Barston Parish Council could be applied; however, if you believe your project is important, it is worth applying.



Community Health 


Community Development  Sport and recreation (excluding children’s play)  Community Halls, places of assembly and other community facilities  Arts and Culture  Green Infrastructure (excluding site specific open space requirements). 

Surface Water and Flood Risk Mitigation 

CIL Funding Application

Thanks for submitting!

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