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West Midlands Golf Club faces challenge to its UK Record!

The Times recently reported on what they termed 'the feud of the fairways' involving our very own West Midlands Golf Club, who until recently, were undisputed holders of the record for 'Longest Fairway In The UK'.

The local club, rated as one of the top 100 golf clubs in the UK, is home to 'The Devil' a record-breaking Par 6 that stretches for an impressive 725 yards.

It now appears that a golf course on the Orkney Islands is laying claim to this record with its 738-yard 3rd hole.

This claim has yet to be confirmed by the Golf Union (the length of a fairway has to be registered with them for handicapping purposes), but even if true, Mark Harrhy, Manager of the West Midlands Club has vowed to extend 'The Devil' and win back the record!

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