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CIL Funding

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge that SMBC sets on new developments in order to raise funds to help fund the infrastructure, facilities and services - such as schools or transport improvements - which are needed to support new homes and businesses in the areas. About 12% of the CIL charge is passed on to parish councils.

Currently there are two sources of CIL funding open to Barston: Cinnamon's development of Wyevale Garden Centre and the development of what was Barston garage. Approximately Barston will receive in phased payments totals of £12,000 and £7,000 respectively which it can use for worthy improvement projects. Strict rules govern what may and may not be supported.

BPC Chair Jeremy Emmett has asked the community for ideas and proposals and to that end, a number have been raised using email or by parishioners at parish meetings. To facilitate decision by councillors, it would help if individual parishioners or groups put together a simple proposal for consideration.

The proposal should identify the proposer (name, address and contact). It should provide a brief background to the proposal e.g. what is entails and why it is important and and community benefits and provide ballpark costings for the project.

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