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ANPR Security Cameras

Number Plate Recognition Cameras (supports first arrest)

The Parish Council now has 4 sites for the vehicle number-plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to register number plates of vehicles travelling through the village. These are located at:

  • Arden Self Storage, Friday Lane

  • The Centre of Barston Village

  • Daleswood Health Centre

  • Eastcoat Crossroads

By Friday 1st December all 4 cameras will be active; logging number plates. If you are the victim of crime or witness suspicious activity and would like access to the recorded camera data, please contact Councillor Paul Hadley or Councillor Jeremy Emmett. In the near future, we hope to get access to the West Midlands Police database of wanted vehicles to add them to our database, enabling us to immediately alert the local community should any known crime-linked vehicle enter the village.

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