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How to Keep You & Yours Secure!

The Parish Council recommends that Barston residents should follow these steps to help combat crime in the local area:

  1. Make a contribution to fund 7 new ANPR cameras here.

  2. Install a NEST Cam (CCTV) on your property (£179 a unit from John Lewis).

  3. Point your CCTV camera towards the road to record anyone entering or passing your property.

  4. Check and share footage if any crime is reported nearby.

  5. Join the Emergency & community WhatsApp groups (to get crime reports)

  6. Call 101 if you notice something suspicious.

  7. Call 999 immediately if you witness a crime being committed.

  8. Share what you have seen or heard with the appropriate WhatsApp group.

  9. Only post real, live emergencies on the Emergency WhatsApp Group! Everything else is welcome on the Community Group.

  10. Do not tell others how to behave on the WhatsApp Groups. Please leave this to the moderator.

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